A new milestone was achieved in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at last Sunday’s “Hell in a Cell” event when the company’s one-millionth suicide dive was executed, officially making it the most frequently deployed maneuver in the sport.

Every single performer at Hell in a Cell performed at least two suicide dives each, with some reaching as many as seven repetitions of the maneuver, totalling more than 150 suicide dives during the event’s nine-hour duration.

suicide dive
Seth Rollins performs a suicide dive on Raw — the 47th of that particular episode.

The maneuver thus surpassed the venerable collar-and-elbow tie-up as the sports-entertainment’s most common maneuver. In fact, a number of such new records were set, including:

  • The wrist-lock is now less common than the moonsault
  • Body-slams are now seen less often than a wrestler meticulously clearing monitors and paperwork off of announce tables before the destruction of said tables
  • The airplane spin has become extinct entirely, replaced with the springboard hurricanrana into a reverse Canadian destroyer

Given that precisely zero “suicide dives” have resulted in the death of the wrestlers delivering them, WWE is reportedly considering changing the name to “super jumps.”

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