maga hat
WWE Hall of Famer and part-time White House occupant Donald Trump shows his support for Samoan Bulldozers.

Widely considered a tacky symbol of blind devotion to an incompetent president, so-called “MAGA” hats — red caps emblazoned with the hackneyed slogan “Make America Great Again” — have become unexpectedly wonderful thanks to the addition of a “U” at the beginning.

It seems a 12-year-old employee at the Chinese factory where “MAGA” hats are made is a devoted fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and added the “U” to the hats as a tribute to the late sports-entertainer Umaga.

Sales of “UMAGA” hats have skyrocketed over the past two days as members of the so-called WWE Universe (a parallel universe to our own, in which the known rules of logic do not apply) have snapped up the tributes to the late Samoan Bulldozer.

Whereas “MAGA” has become emblematic of WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump, “UMAGA” symbolizes how anyone can achieve their dreams in sports-entertainment if they are somehow related to The Rock.

Although sales of UMAGA hats are brisk, WWE legend William Regal is banking on the success of the related YOUMANGA hats.

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