RKO outta nowhere
This RKO clearly came outta the westward side of Kofi Kingston, not outta nowhere

A report published this week in a prestigious academic journal asserts the surprising conclusion that at least 97 percent of RKOs actually come “outta somewhere” (with a three percent margin of error).

The report, published in this month’s Harvard Review of Ambush Grappling, provides evidence to suggest that professional wrestler Randy Orton “always delivers his signature RKO maneuver from a well-defined starting point.”

Based on the careful observation of more than 1,000 RKOs, the authors of the study further conclude that Orton’s opponents are typically aware of Orton’s presence before the RKO, because Orton frequently flops belly-first onto the mat and pounds his fists a few times before striking.

Even in the recent spate of viral videos popularized on YouTube and Vine, Orton can clearly been seen approaching his apparent victims from one location or another.

“We conclude that RKOs always have a point and time of origin,” writes lead author Prof. Kendrick Greenbaum, a renowned sportsentertainmentologist.

WWE commentator Michael Cole admitted he was “surprised” by the study’s conclusions, but later referred to it as “Vintage Harvard.”

Randy Orton, meanwhile, is reportedly working on a new variation of his signature move called the “RKO Outta Elsewhere.”