A recent poll of fans of professional wrestling revealed a near-unanimous consensus among wrestling fans that, if the opportunity were to arise, they would happily assist Finn Balor in his daily ab-oiling regimen.

Balor, whose Instagram account is almost entirely devoted to photographs depicting his cheese-gratable tummylumps, was reportedly “not surprised” by the poll result.

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Respondents to the survey showed a “strong preference” for baby oil, but other popular smearable substances included spray tanner, peanut butter, Velveeta cheese, and melted WWF ice cream bars.

Of the 500 fans surveyed, only two percent said they would “pass” on the opportunity to lather Balor’s washboard, stating instead a preference for braiding his temporary dreadlocks.

Balor says he developed his admirable abs by repeatedly standing up from a crouched position and thrusting his arms into the air in a dramatic fashion.