Green mist wrestling
Japanese wrestler Tajiri spews green mist — a skill possessed in varying degrees by all Asian people.

Once considered to be a skill possessed only by Asian professional wrestlers, the ability to spew green mist has been proven to be a genetic trait inherent in all Asian people.

A study published yesterday by the Center for Global Genomics reveals that although the spewing of green mist is most frequently seen in professional wrestling, any person of Asian descent can do it given the proper circumstances.

“Mist-spewing appears to be triggered by distress or danger, much like a skunk spraying its scent when cornered by a predator,” writes Dr. Leo Cavendish, lead author of the study.

“In the past, it was assumed that only The Great Muta, Tajiri, Killer Khan and their ilk possessed this unique ability. But any Asian person put in a dangerous situation — a bearhug from The Big Show, for instance — possesses the inborn ability to produce a plume of noxious mist that stings the eyes of the attacker”

Chemical analysis of the mist revealed that it is 90 per cent saliva, eight per cent green food coloring, and two percent Sriracha Thai Chili sauce (the latter apparently being the active ingredient).