strowman truck
Braun Strowman says he realizes that flipping over a truck “could be seen as a bit of an overreaction.”

With a trail of overturned vehicles and and hurled “security guards” in his wake, professional wrestler Braun Strowman recently wondered aloud whether he sometimes overreacts to adversity with a short temper.

“Do I sometimes make mountains out of molehills?” the monster among men mused to no one in particular. “Sure, I guess maybe instead of overturning vehicles I could take a breather, maybe go for a walk.”

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The wrestler’s mother, Brenda Strowman, told Kayfabe News that Braun was a “fussy baby” who sometimes acted out when he didn’t get what he wanted — like the time, at age two, when he flipped over an ice cream cart because they were sold out of rocky road.

“Quite the little tantrum-thrower he was,” recalled Brenda. “Still is, I suppose. But usually a nice belly rub calms him right down.”

Strowman has admitted that flipping over an ambulance last year was “maybe a bit overkill,” and that he is trying to cut back on his vehicular destruction.

“I guess I do have a teeny bit of a short fuse, but I’m working on meditation and mindfulness,” he said. “When it comes to self-improvement, I’m not finished with me yet.”