On the heels of his latest destructive rampage, professional wrestler Braun Strowman has been ordered by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to complete an eight-week anger management course under the guidance of Dr. Marion Shelby.

Dr. Shelby, a renowned psychotherapist whose prior work with WWE included facilitating the harmonious partnership of Daniel Bryan and Kane, says he can “transform Mr. Strowman from a truck-flipping rage-aholic into a cuddly pussycat in no time.”

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The decision to put Strowman in anger management was made after the original plan — firing him — didn’t turn out so well for Michael Cole, a gaggle of “security guards,” and a production truck.

Dr. Shelby insists he can help transform Strowman from a “monster among men” into a “man among friends” and use his patented A.N.G.E.R. Management system to help Strowman become:






It is generally expected that an upcoming edition of Raw will feature a 10-bell salute for Dr. Shelby.