owens potty Proving once again that “anything can happen in sports entertainment,” WWE confirmed this morning that its upcoming Extreme Rules event will feature Braun Strowman facing Kevin Owens in the inaugural “Hell in a Porta-Potty” match.

Much like a Hell in a Cell match, both men will be locked inside a diabolical structure — in this case, a regulation-sized portable toilet unit — but the winner will be the man who can shove his opponent into the cesspool below.

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Miniature cameras inside the portable toilet will broadcast the match, which is expected to be “snug.” To ensure neither man can escape the confines of the toilet, a referee will seal it with duct tape.

Because the match is happening at Extreme Rules, the match will feature an extreme twist: both Owens and Strowman will be forced to use the Porta-Potty for its intended purpose on the day of the event.

The match was announced just one day after Strowman shoved a Porta-Potty containing Owens off the stage, demonstrating his monstrous strength — and demonstrating that crazy ol’ Vince McMahon still gets a big laugh out of poop humor.