strowman car
Braun Strowman says he “may actually be finished” with flipping vehicles for a while after his blunder.

Professional wrestler Braun Strowman was red-faced with embarrassment today when, upon the completion of another one of his trademark vehicle-flipping rampages, he discovered that he had overturned his own car.

“I’M NOT FINISHED WITH… …what the?… Oh for the love of God,” hollered Strowman upon seeing his own Chevy Impala overturned.

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Shaking his head in disbelief, the monster among men added: “I clearly need to work on my temper.”

Strowman made the embarrassing blooper at a recent WWE live event Schenectady, where, upon being told he was “fired” again, overturned a transport truck, and ambulance, a forklift, an food truck, his own car, a golf cart, and (rather less impressively) a child’s tricycle.

Strowman says he was blinded with rage, explaining why he didn’t notice he was upending his own car — even though it bears his personalized licence plate: NOTFNSHD.