Brodus Clay
Brodus Clay's hollowed-out belly provided life-giving warmth to Hornswoggle (inset) during a recent Canadian blizzard.

After becoming marooned during a blizzard outside Winnipeg, a resourceful Hornswoggle prevented hypothermia by burrowing himself into the hollowed-out belly of Brodus Clay.

“It was my only hope,” the pint-sized superstar said yesterday, after returning to the safety and warmth of his lair underneath a WWE ring.

“I feel bad for Brodus,” the tiny Irishman added, “but I wasn’t really into the whole Funkasaurus persona anyway, to be honest.”

Several other WWE superstars were stranded during the fierce Manitoba snowstorm, though Clay was the only casualty.

Other members of the roster reportedly stayed warm until help arrived by huddling together between Natalya Neidhart’s ample bosoms.