Sting undertaker wrestlemania
The Undertaker (left) has allegedly stolen his haircut from Sting (right), who may have stolen it from a homeless person.

The much-anticipated showdown between The Undertaker and Sting is finally going to happen — but in a courtroom rather than the wrestling ring, due to allegations that The Undertaker has committed haircut infringement.

Sting filed papers in a Death Valley courtroom today alleging that The Undertaker has “willingly and deliberately stolen a trademarked hairdo” and demanding $4 million to cover damages and Rogaine expenses.

The haircut is described in the lawsuit as “a wispy receding helmet, neither short nor long, dyed dark brown to hide the greying that accompanies advancing age.”

The Undertaker began using the haircut in the past year after widespread criticism of gua previous awkward mohawk, which became known as “the pizza slice.”

Sting, on the other hand, has himself been the target of copyright infringement lawsuits, having been taken to court by the creators of The Crow franchise.

According to most legal scholars, the most expedient way to settle the dispute would be with an out-of-court settlement followed by a Hair-Versus-Hair Match at WrestleMania.