Sting hopes that, if he performs at WrestleMania, the match ends in a time-limit draw.

After much speculation about a possible match at WrestleMania 30, legendary professional wrestler Sting managed to protect his long-running streak of 0-0 last week by not performing at the pay-per-view spectacular.

Many wrestling fans believed Sting would challenge the Undertaker — whose 21-match WrestleMania winning streak was decidedly more impressive than Sting’s — but the Stinger’s streak prevailed when the match failed to materialize.

Instead, the Undertaker’s streak was brought to an end by Brock Lesnar, much to the surprise of everyone watching — particularly one bug-eyed fan at ringside.

Whereas the Undertaker’s streak is no more, Sting still boasts a spotless record at WrestleMania, never having won — or lost — a match at wrestling’s biggest event (an impressive feat considering his long tenure as a top wrestling star).

Sting has reportedly just signed with WWE, however, which has led many to speculate that his winless/lossless streak might end at WrestleMania 31.

If he does compete at WrestleMania next year, Sting is believed to be aiming for a time-limit draw.


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