Sting survivor series
Sting is expected to hatch from this egg at Survivor Series.

After days of swirling rumors about a much-anticipated appearance by legendary professional wrestler Sting at this weekend’s Survivor Series event, a leaked WWE script reveals that Sting will “hatch” from a huge egg.

According to the script — which bears the WWE watermark and the signature of Vince McMahon — a befuddled “Mean” Gene Okerlund will watch in amazement as Sting emerges from the egg wearing a colorful, feathered outfit.

Sting, who was a top star in World Championship Wresstling (WCW) but has never competed in a WWE ring, is scheduled to then run frantically to the ring, clucking and flapping his arms.

The script seems to indicate that Sting will be repackaged as “The Stingledy Gooker,” and will begin a long feud against Terry Taylor, who will come out of retirement to resume his role as the Red Rooster.

According to one source within WWE, the new gimmick will be a radical departure from Sting’s Crow-like persona from his WCW heyday, but will still be a vast improvement over the Joker character he portrayed in TNA.