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Steve Austin is begging fans to stop the “What?!” chant, especially during Bray Wyatt promos.

Former pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has, in an uncharacteristic departure from his usual brash self-assuredness, issued a heartfelt public apology for inventing the “What?!” chant that has become ubiquitous at professional wrestling events.

“I am so very, very sorry,” said Austin, choking back tears, during a recent episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

“Had I known people would still be shouting that annoying chant in the year 2014, I never would have created it in the first place.”

Austin confessed that the monosyllabic utterance seemed kind of funny at first — a simple, rhythmic way for fans to collectively taunt and fluster “heel” wrestlers — but added that its charm and originality quickly wore off.

In the decade since Austin created it, the chant has served no purpose other than to confirm the widely held notion that wrestling fans are, as a collective, about as clever and creative as tribe of hooting baboons.

“Every time I hear it during a Bray Wyatt promo, my heart breaks anew,” said Austin, now sobbing.

“For the love of God, just let it die already.”