Steve austin movie
During a recent film audition, Steve Austin opened up a can of kiss-ass on the producers.

Contrary to the raucous behavior for which he is known and beloved by wrestling fans, Steve Austin opened up a can of kiss-ass during a recent audition for an action movie.

“It’s a real honor to meet you, sir,” Austin said to director Jing Liu during auditions for the upcoming straight-to-DVD action flick Death Prison 3: The Escape.

“Having read the delightful script for this film, I sincerely hope you’ll include me in its stellar cast,” Austin said, pouring out the contents of the can of kiss-ass.

Over the next several minutes, Austin went on to compliment the director on his previous films (Death Prison, and Death Prison 2: The Deathening), and suggested several zippy one-liners for the new film’s villain.

Crew members at the audition said they were surprised how cordial and polite Austin was through the process.

“It was as if he had opened two cans of kiss-ass, slammed them together over his head, and poured them simultaneously down his throat,” said one crew member. “That’s how much ass was being kissed.”