stone cold what
Steve Austin no longer needs to constantly ask “What?!”

Legendary professional wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, after years of encouragement from peers and family, was finally fitted for a hearing aid yesterday, thus remedying his need to constantly ask “What?!”

Austin’s hearing had been in steady decline for years, damaged from prolonged exposure to roaring crowds, monster truck engines and the repeated sound of shattering glass.

During the latter period of his World Wrestling Entertainment tenure, Austin had extreme difficulty hearing his opponents during interviews, prompting him to frequently ask “What!?”

Since the installation of the Pin-Drop Pro Hearing Aid, however, he has not needed to ask for repetition or clarification.

Austin was disheartened to find out that WWE audiences have continued to mimic his trademark utterance of “What?!” to taunt wrestlers.

“Fans are still doing that?” asked Austin. “Sweet Jesus, they need to give that up already. It was even annoying back when I did it.”