Steve austin what
Steve Austin has expanded his vocabulary of inquisitive terminology.

After more than a decade of repeatedly asking for clarification regarding “what,” legendary professional wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has expanded his repertoire of inquisitive terminology by adding when, where, why, and who.

Now that he is a broadcast journalist with a popular podcast, Austin decided that his interviews with guests would be more insightful if he asked follow-up questions, rather than just badgering them with “what.”

Austin’s expanded vocabulary has already made for better interviews, as evidenced by this transcript from a recent podcast:

Austin: What?!

AJ Styles: I’m a pro wrestler.

Austin: Who?!

Styles: My name is Alan Jones, but people know me as AJ Styles.

Austin: When?!

Styles: For the past 15 years or so.

Austin: Where?!

Styles: Orlando mostly, but now in Japan.

Austin: Why?!

Styles: Probably because of some deep-seated need for attention stemming from neglect during childhood [uncontrollable sobbing].

Austin is still debating whether to add “how” to his vernacular.  He also recently learned the word “no,” to use as a substitute for his typical grunted “uhh-uhh.”