Stephanie vomit
Vickie Guerrero was the unlucky target of Stephanie McMahon’s upset tummy.

After an embarrassing and uncomfortable spell of projectile vomiting on live television this past Monday, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) executive Stephanie McMahon has been diagnosed with an acute case of Papa Shango Curse.

The rare ailment, which has only been confirmed in one previous case, causes the sufferer to spew the contents of their stomach, typically onto the face and clothes of an innocent bystander.

Doctors believe that the illness may be somehow related to the presence of television cameras, and to the presence of lazy writing by immature hacks.

The only known precedent for the illness was seen in 1992, when a patient known in the medical history books as U.W. suffered from massive nausea, as well as from the emission of a peculiar black slime from his hairline.

The disease is believed to be related to a mysterious individual named Papa Shango, who seems to have spread the illness through means not entirely known to medical science.

In hopes of finding an antidote, Doctors tracked down an alleged cousin of Mr. Shango — a Las Vegas businessman named Mr. G. Odfather, who assured them “un-cursin’ ain’t easy.”