lesnar triple h cage
Brock Lesnar feels at home in a steel cage, having become accustomed to life in captivity.

Doing battle inside a steel cage at tonight’s Extreme Rule’s pay-per-view will be second nature to Brock Lesnar, since the structure reminds him of the habitat at the Minneapolis Zoo where he spends most of his time.

“The big fella feels comfortable in there,” says Paul Heyman, handler of the 300-pound albino gorilla.

Lesnar is expected to dominate opponent Triple H in the steel cage match at tonight’s WWE event, since Lesnar considers himself the dominant alpha male in his zoo enclosure.

Earlier today, Lesnar urinated in all four corners of the steel cage to mark his territory, and several-dozen bananas were stowed beneath the ring.

Primate experts say Triple H should approach with caution, avoid prolonged eye contact with the primate and take a submissive stance before shooting the beast with a tranquilizer dart.

Lesnar is expected to return to the zoo tomorrow, to continue mating efforts with a female named Sable.