Bret Hart Sunglasses
Ten-year-old Elliot Harrington was overjoyed when Bret Hart gave him the sunglasses in 1995. Now 27, Harrington still refuses to remove them.

Elliot Harrington was one of thousands of lucky children to receive a pair of sunglasses from Bret “Hitman” Hart in the 1990s, but his family and friends are now worried about his mental health because he’s still wearing them at age 27.

“He hasn’t taken them off — ever,” says Harrington’s mother, Elise.

“At first it was adorable, since he idolized Bret Hart. I didn’t mind, because Bret seemed like a fine role model. But after a couple of years, it got weird. Now it’s just scary.”

Video footage from a1995 WWE house show depicts an elated Harrington leaning over the barricade and quivering with delight as Hart places the reflective plastic wraparound sunglasses over his boy’s head.

Subsequent video footage depicting Harrington wearing the sunglasses at family weddings, graduations and other special occasions is “far less cute,” says his mother.

Harrington has described the sunglasses as “invaluable,” apparently unaware that they were manufactured by the thousands in a ramshackle Taiwan factory for pennies apiece.

Contacted at his home in Calgary, Hart told Kayfabe News he is “deeply worried” about Harrington.

“If I had known he’d keep wearing those things, I never would have given him a pair,” said Hart. “Even I didn’t really like wearing them. They itched like crazy.”

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