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Stardust (right) is finally going to confront the handsome actor guy who looks a bit like Chris Pratt, but totally isn’t Chris Pratt.

After weeks of mind games and anticipation, bizarre professional wrestler Stardust will finally come face-to-face with that handsome celebrity you had never heard of prior to his involvement with WWE.

The celebrity — who is named Steven Arbell or Steffan Amdel or something — is scheduled to appear tonight on Monday Night Raw for some reason.

The feud, which has largely unfolded while you were getting another beer from the fridge, might result in a match at SummerSlam or a “reality show” on WWE Network or some shit, sources say.

The celebrity is presumably using the feud to promote a TV show or movie — is it Archer? The Hunger Games?  — and Stardust is getting a bit of fleeting mainstream media attention as a result.

The feud is likely to fizzle out after another couple of weeks, as did the rivalry between Kevin Owens and that no-talent skinny rapper — you know, whatshisname, Pop Gun Kenny or something.