Star wars spoilers
WCCW Star Wars remains a pop-culture juggernaut, while a series of corny sci-fi films it inspired is now largely forgotten.

If you’re trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers, stop reading now, because we’ve got a doozy!

OK, you’ve been warned.

At World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) Star Wars, in front of packed Convention Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, the nefarious Ric Flair uses underhanded tactics to retain his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Kerry Von Erich!

Can you believe it?

Although the Texas crowd is solidly behind their hometown hero, Von Erich falls prey to Flair’s cunning, getting disqualified to end the best-two-out-of-three-falls match.

The much-anticipated Star Wars event — featuring marquee names like Bugsy McGraw, Jose Lothario and Bill Irwin — later inspires a series of science fiction films.

Unlike their timeless pro wrestling namesake, however, the Star Wars films fade into obscurity and remain largely forgotten.



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