No Way Out review
WWE's No Way Out was billed as "sports entertainment," but the label proved to be doubly incorrect.

Although it was billed as a “sports entertainment” extravaganza, the No Way Out pay-per-view event presented Sunday by World Wrestling Entertainment was neither sporting nor entertaining.

The event, one of several “filler” pay-per-views between WrestleMania and SummerSlam, featured matches that involved unsportsmanlike cheating, preposterous gimmicks and outside interference, none of which proved popular with fans.

A tuxedo match, for example, involved two men trying to render one another naked. One of the main events involved three men ostensibly being stalked by the same mentally unstable tart.

Although WWE has described its product as “sports entertainment” for years, the accuracy of the phrase is frequently called into question.

The American Council for Accuracy in Advertising (ACAA) has lobbied frequent appeals for WWE to rebrand its product as “Sporty Amusement” or “Sportish Diversions.”

The vast majority of WWE fans, however, wish the company would just refer to their product by its original name: professional wrestling.