wrestlemania spoilers
If you’ve been avoiding spoilers for 26 years, look away!

If you haven’t seen the event yet, you might want to stop reading right now — because we’ve got the results of WrestleMania 6, and you won’t believe who emerged victorious!

Seriously, if you’ve been diligently avoiding spoilers for the last 26 years, we applaud your willpower, but you probably should stay off of Facebook and Twitter because these results are somewhat hot off the press!

In front of 67,000 people at Toronto’s SkyDome, the superstars of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) put on a spectacle for the ages, with results including:

  • Paul Roma defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
  • Rick Martel defeated Koko B. Ware
  • The Barbarian defeated Tito Santana

The event also featured some warm-up matches, including an unremarkable bout in which The Ultimate Warrior defeated [NAME OMITTED].