rumble entrant
Bet you can’t guess who this surprise entrant is!

If you enjoy surprises, you should stop reading now if you plan to watch WWE’s Royal Rumble this weekend, because we’ve got spoilers!

Kayfabe News has obtained a list of all 30 participants in the Royal Rumble, thanks to a backstage source who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as R. Dogg. 

And we’ve got the scoop on the six surprise entrants who will making shocking appearances at the event. 

1. Chris Jericho. It has been a while since WWE fans saw Y2J, and nobody knows where the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla has been! Jericho will likely reinvent himself once again, especially now that rock star Vince Neil working for AEW and basically imitating Jericho. 

2. The Great Khali. The Punjabi giant has wanted to compete in another Royal Rumble ever since that time he was eliminated by a kiss. Khali has been training intensely in recent months, trimming off 30 pounds, putting on lean muscle mass, and growing five more inches in height. Asked how he intends to win the match, Khali explained that he willl “gurrrnhagggh nurrph grawwlllgh.”

3. Hulk Hogan. Sources close to the Hulkster say he is determined to have “one more run on top,” which means the Royal Rumble will be his best opportunity to bury the largest number of hungry, talented young wrestlers at once. 

4. EC3. Fans will be pleasantly surprised to see EC3 back in a WWE ring, and nobody will be more surprised than EC3 (and his father, Ec2). 

5. Kenny Omega. Expect to hear a huge reaction when Kendrick “Kenny” Omega makes his long-overdue WWE debut this Sunday. He will dazzle you with all the technical skill and bravado wrestling nerds have come to expect. Time will tell if he is able to adapt to his new right-wing lunatic gimmick, Kenny O’MAGA. 

6. The Undertaker. The Phenom will rise again! Although Marcus Alexander Calaway has retired from the role, the Deadman character will live on with a new performer in the role. This Sunday, the world will see a new Undertaker, with new life breathed into the Phenom by a tremendous young performer ready to step into the role, Baron Corbin (real name Brad Corbitt). 

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