TNA SPike Although Spike TV has announced it will no longer broadcast Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, the network does intend to feature the promotion on an upcoming episode of its long-running program 1000 Ways to Die.

Wrestling fans were shocked (or at least mildly intrigued) by the announcement this week that Spike TV is cancelling TNA’s Impact Wrestling program, but fans will get an inside look at what went wrong when 1000 Ways to Die examines its demise.

In fact, Spike TV is specifically capitalizing on the downfall of Impact Wrestling in order to resurrect the 1000 Ways to Die, which itself was cancelled in 2012 after being deemed “too juvenile even for Spike viewers.”

Among the topics to be explored in the episode:

  • The chronic mis-booking of Samoa Joe
  • The Claire Lynch angle
  • WWE mimickry
  • The Bischoff/Hogan era, including all airtime devoted to Brooke Hogan
  • The silly sexual innuendo behind the name “TNA” itself
  • 995 other factors yet to be announced

It is believed that 1000 Ways to Die will remain on the air until the time is right for an inevitable episode about Bellator MMA.