Dudley Boys wwe
Spike Dudley figures WWE is “saving” him until WrestleMania.

Pint-sized professional wrestler Spike Dudley was surprised to see his older siblings, Bubba Ray and Devon, on WWE television last night, and figures his invitation “got lost in the mail or something.”

Sitting at home in Dudleyville, attired in a tie-dye shirt and denim overalls, Spike watched in disbelief as his brothers made a surprise appearance on Raw, failing to even mention Spike during a backstage interview.

“Maybe Bubba still has my old cell number,” Spike said to reclusive the family patriarch Big Daddy Dudley, wondering how he could have been so egregiously overlooked.

“Or maybe they want me for a surprise run-in at WrestleMania? Yeah, that’s probably it.”

Seeking an explanation for the oversight, Spike contacted¬†each of his other brothers — Sign Guy Dudley, Snot Dudley, Dances With Dudley, Dudley Dudley and Chubby Dudley — but none of them returned his calls.