Chess angry
Able to break the rules with impunity following a so-called “adjudicator bump,” the Russian grandmaster drew major “heel heat” by attacking the babyface American.

A capacity crowd at the World Chess Championships chanted “holy sh**” today after Russian grandmaster Garry Botvinnik hurled American wunderkind Robby Fischman through the Spanish commentary table.

The table was left in splinters after Botvinnik — a nefarious heel known for illegally castling when the adjudicator is distracted — performed his signature move, The Gutwrench Checkmate, on the stunned Fischman.

The attack came after Fischman telegraphed a double-underhook queen flash, allowing Botvinnik to check his king with two crisscrossing bishops, having castled queenside (a popular “high spot” in chess).

Chess fans worldwide had expected Fishman to turn heel at the event, given that his babyface push was dampened by a recent Wellness Policy violation, but World Chess Entertainment (WCE) bookers seem determined to get him babyface sympathy with an injury angle.

The table-shattering attack is expected to lead to a No-Captures-Barred showdown at ChessaMania this spring.