lashley sistersWWE interviewer Renee Young posted a desperate message on Twitter today — “Please help! He’s still going! No end in sight, need rescue!” —  indicating that, at some unknown location, Bobby Lashley is still recounting his family history in real time.

The conversation between Lashley and Young began innocently enough last Monday, with a softspoken Lashley explaining that he draws inspiration from his sisters, but viewers began to ridicule the segment after it surpassed the 20-minute mark.

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But it now seems that Lashley did not stop talking when the cameras stopped rolling, and that Young has been trapped for nearly a week hearing in vivid, unsparing detail about every facet of Lashley’s childhood and family.

It is believed that WWE brass had hoped to “humanize” Lashley by airing the heartfelt interview segment, apparently forgetting that most wrestling fans just want to watch big cartoonish musclemen throw one another around.


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