house show title change
The wrestling world is reeling today after it was revealed that something important actually happened at a WWE house show.

Wrestling fans worldwide were shocked today when news spread that, for one of the first times in wrestling history, something important happened at a non-televised professional wrestling event.

Like most so-called “house shows,” the card at Hamilton Ontario’s Copps Coliseum was expected to contain eight straightforward wrestling matches in which nothing of consequence was to unfold.

The 8,294 fans in attendance were suitably surprised, therefore, when an important twist with long-term implications for the future of WWE unfolded right before their eyes.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” tweeted one fan, who has attended 14 house shows in the past, at none of which did anything noteworthy happen. “What a shame this didn’t happen on Raw.”

In the darkened arena, devoid of elaborate staging and pyrotechnics, and with no commentators to hype it or any TV cameras to capture it, one match had a pivotal, game-changing result.

Kayfabe News is unable to reveal what happened, however, due to a gag order from World Wrestling Entertainment.