Zach Arnott has shelled out thousands of dollars to watch, and ridicule, WWE events.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosts its annual Survivor Series pay-per-view this weekend, which is especially exciting for 24-year-old blowhard Zachary Arnott, who cannot wait to prattle on in wrestling forums about how much he hated it.

Arnott, who writes in rough a half-dozen forums under the pseudonym NJPW_4_LYFE, is looking forward to criticizing Survivor series for “shoddy booking,” “poor workrate,” and other cliched critiques he directs at every single WWE event.

The part-time Arby’s night manager can’t wait to live-tweet during the event with insightful barbs like “Yawn” and “Ugh, Divas…” and “This is nowhere near as good as the PWG show I just bought from HighSpots.”

Despite not having missed a single WWE pay-per-view in the last nine years, Arnott has given each one a “thumbs down” review on his monthly podcast, “The Straight Shoot.”

Friends and family of Arnott’s have repeatedly asked him why he watches something if he’s only going to complain about it, but he usually mutters something about “Moxley” and “Steen.”

Arnott just shelled out $450 for a ticket to next year’s WrestleMania, which he insists will be “the worst ‘Mania ever.”