WWE is already reportedly “raiding” the talent roster of Glee.

Having moved from its long-standing Friday night time-slot to Thursdays, World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown program has entered what experts predict will be a cutthroat ratings “war” against musical teen dramady Glee.

The so-called “Thursday Night War” will see Smackdown vie for viewership among Glee’s entrenched and loyal audience, and sources report that the producers of Glee are ready for battle.

Both Smackdown and Glee feature colorful characters, ham-fisted acting, terrible music and hokey dramatic subplots aimed at audiences who prefer not to have their intelligence tested, or even engaged.

Backstage sources report that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is determined to “destroy” Glee, despite being repeatedly reminded by his son-in-law, WWE COO Hunter Hearst Helmsley, that healthy competition is “best for business.”

WWE has already resorted to underhanded tactics, such as revealing plot twists of pre-taped Glee segments:

“This week on Glee, Brittany shows up unexpectedly at a dinner party hosted by Rachel and Kurt’s place,” says WWE commentator Michael Cole in this week’s Smackdown, adding sarcastically: “That’ll put butts in seats.”