Bray Wyatt
Bud Lumsden doesn’t realize he’s doing an amazing Bray Wyatt impression.

Bud Lumsden, a 29-year-old unkempt slob from Arkansas, has absolutely no idea that he is perpetually doing a truly exceptional Wyatt Family impression.

While shopping for an oil lantern at his local Walmart this week, Lumsden was spotted by a group of wrestling fans who were certain he must be preparing to attend a costume party in a spot-on Bray Wyatt get-up.

Lumsden, however, has never seen the Wyatt Family because he is too lazy to find the remote control from under the pile of old pizza boxes and girlie magazines that fester in his mobile home.

An antisocial recluse with appalling personal hygiene, Lumsden can’t figure out why strangers on the street often holler phrases like “follow the buzzards” and “we’re here” in his general direction.

He was especially puzzled when, while walking past a local petting zoo, a group of people asked him to pose for a picture beside a sheep.