slater rhynoHeath Slater and Rhyno are taking the wrestling world by storm, but most fans are faced with a tough dilemma — how to tell which one is which?

Much like the Bella Twins, The Usos and Los Conquistatores, Slater and Rhyno are practically indistinguishable, which allows them to execute sneaky “switcheroo” maneuvers when the referee is distracted.

But there are subtle differences, like how the Usos wear facepaint on opposite sides, or how Nikki Bella has a significantly larger pair of… shoes.

Here are five tips for telling Heath Slater apart from Rhyno:

  1. Accent: Heath Slater speaks with a West Virginia twang, whereas Rhyno speaks with the distinguished upper-class lilt of a foppish Victorian dandy.
  2. Legs: Heath Slater has muscular but slender legs, whereas Rhyno teeters around on the knobbly twigs of an emaciated runway model.
  3. Wrestling style: Slater is the powerhouse of the team, liable to flatten opponents like a locomotive, whereas Rhyno is a high-flyer whose springboard plancha has earned him the nickname of “the guy that gravity can’t remember.”
  4. Personality: Whereas Slater is the quiet, contemplative type, Rhyno is a vivacious extrovert with aspirations of rock stardom.
  5.  Resume: As a founding member of 3MB, Slater was the most popular and successful attraction in professional wrestling between 2012 and 2014. Rhyno rose to prominence in ECW, where he portrayed the outlandish character “The Blue Meanie.”