Slapjack wwe
Slapjack’s “jacked” for Payback.

Slapjack is packed and jacked for Payback, his backpack maxed with snacks, with plans to attack any jackass who backs McMahon’s hackneyed claptrap. 

As Retribution’s loosest cannon, Slapjack’s fusion of brutal bruising and boastful braggadocio is both beautiful and beguiling. 

Slapjack’s last PPV payday was back at Backlash, where Slapjack unpacked a can of whoopass on Aleister Black, whose counter-attacks lacked the panache of Slapjack’s snap suplexes and smacks to the solar plexus.

Slapjack’s brash stab-in-the-back attack at Backslash left Black sapped, so Black tapped and lost the strap to Slapjack. 

At Payback, Retribution’s endless confusing television intrusions may reach their conclusion, or perhaps these clueless hooligans will disabuse their foolish delusions?

Quick fact: Slapjack’s background is from a land down under, so I wonder: can we repackage this masked hack as Outback Slapjack?

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