WWE Hall of FameA trip to the WWE Hall of Fame is something every wrestling fan needs to do at least once.

But due to the Hall of Fame’s sheer enormity, and the vastness of its historical collections, you need to go with a plan. Here are some helpful tips to getting the most out of “America’s Louvre.”

There’s more than just the Celebrity Wing!

You may be tempted to spend all your time exploring The Donald Trump Pavilion, or watching the 3D IMAX Retrospective on Drew Carey’s Greatest Matches, or relaxing in the Snoop Dogg Herbal Recreation Cafe — but don’t!

The WWE Hall of Fame also has extensive exhibits devoted to legendary professional wrestlers, such as Koko Bartholemew Ware and Wendi Richter.

Don’t miss the hidden gems!

It’s easy to focus your visit on the most well-known aspects of the Hall, like The Montreal Screwjob Simulator or Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Collection of Handmade Quilts.

But if you spent all your time enjoying those, you’d miss lesser-known attractions such as The Gorilla Monsoon Tinted Glasses Experience, The Mr. Fuji Salt Pile, The Jesse Ventura UFO Chemtrail Factory, or the Giant Wad of Gum Spat Out by Curt Hennig.

Beat the crowds — get there early.

Most wrestling fans don’t roll out of bed until noonish, so you’ll have the place practically to yourself if you go in the morning.

Bring snacks.

The WWE Hall of Fame is known for its beautiful architecture, fascinating exhibits and authentic wrestling-fan smell, but not for its food.

Although there are a number of restaurants on site, the food is expensive and unappetizing; menu items include ice cream bars, Booty-O’s, and sexual chocolate — and everything is artificially enhanced with ICO PRO.

Take a guided tour!

There is so much history to be learned at the WWE Hall of Fame — stuff you can’t get from the brochures and guidebooks. For instance, your tour guide can tell you how many times Hulk Hogan has uttered the word “brother” (17.3 million), or how many vodka shots it takes for Ric Flair to get naked in public (none).

And if you go within the next 18 days, your tour guide might be Roman Reigns!

You can’t see it all in one day!

To truly experience the grandeur and historical richness of the WWE Hall of Fame, you need at least a week. Heck, you could spend an entire day in the Abdullah The Butcher Razor Blade Gallery alone.

The real trick is just finding the place. If you have tips for getting there, please let us know.




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