trish sister abigailIs legendary WWE Diva Trish Stratus returning to the promotion to portray the mysterious Sister Abigail? 

By phrasing the headline of an article in the form of a question — a popular clickbait trick employed by disreputable “news” websites “reporting” stories based on little-to-no credible information — we have now established this unfounded idea as a possibility! 

Trish Stratus has neither confirmed nor denied rumors (which, admittedly, we just invented) that she will portray Bray Wyatt’s demented sister, but the term “neither confirmed nor denied” is a term typically used to imply a tacit admission, lending unwarranted credibility to the rumors. 

Is Trish’s silence on the matter an indication that she is under a gag order stipulated by her new WWE contract? It’s possible, we suppose, but it’s more possible that it is very easy to fabricate stories and bolster their apparent veracity by using fancy words like “tacit” and “veracity.”

WWE has officially remained mum on the subject, refusing to even hold a press conference, which is code in shoddy journalism for “they’re hiding something.”

Will fans be shocked by the transformation of the former bombshell into a demonic minion of the Wyatt Family? Our prediction, based on no empirical evidence but plenty of speculation, is yes! 


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