Anderson Silva, a good guy (or “babyface”) performer with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is earning sympathy from fans by expertly “selling” a “broken leg” purportedly suffered during a “fight” this weekend.

Silva is expected to continue “selling” the “injury” for many months, even wearing a leg cast in airports and hotels — a practice known in UFC as “kayfabe” (maintaining the illusion of legitimacy even in public).

Silva’s arch-rival, UFC bad guy (or “heel”) Chris Weidman, is maintaining “heat” with the UFC audience by gloating publicly about his “victory” over Silva.

It is expected that Silva will maintain “kayfabe” about his “shattered tibia” in order to create a dramatic “build” to the duo’s rematch at the next UFC pay-per-view.

Although the majority of mixed martial arts fans realize the action is a scripted “work” and the injuries merely feigned, most are willing to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the illusion of dramatic physical combat.

Many fans, however, are puzzled as to how Silva managed to make his shin bend at 90 degrees.

“He’s really good,” tweeted one fan by way of explanation. “The guy can sell like Ziggler.”

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