aew gable Apparently fed up with his new gimmick as the diminutive “Shorty G,” professional sports-entertainer Chad Gable has jumped ship to AEW (American Extreme Wrestling), where his relative size will earn him the more respectable moniker Average Height Gable.

Whereas Gable is dwarfed in WWE by giants like Braun Strowman and Tamina, he will feel much more at home in AEW, where the average height of wrestlers is five-foot-six.

In AEW, Gable (who stands three apples high) will compete against some of the company’s top talent, including Chris Jericho (five-foot-two), Pentagon Jr. (four-foot-three), Parallelogram Sr. (four-foot-nine), and Orange Cassidy (one-foot-six).

Gable reportedly considered joining independent promotion Chikara instead, where he would have been re-branded as The Colossus, but he decided he wasn’t comfortable towering over the competition.

If Gable is a success in AEW, he may be a hot commodity in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where the entire roster, if they stood on one another’s shoulders, would be nearly tall enough to ride a Tokyo Disney roller coaster.

[Thank you to Travis Walling for the idea!]

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