ellis bored
Ellis Mbeh, previously known as Shocked Undertaker Fan, wants to be remembered as Bored Undertaker Fan.

Ellis Mbeh, who became a viral internet phenomenon last year for his bug-eyed reaction to the Undertaker’s streak-ending loss at WrestleMania 30, has been working on his disinterested deadpan for this year’s event.

“Undertaker versus Wyatt doesn’t excite me,” Mbeh told Kayfabe News. “Undertaker should have retired after last year — I gave the perfect stunned expression for the occasion.”

Mbeh has a ringside seat at Levis’ Stadium in California for this Sunday’s event, for which he paid $32,000 (plus a $475 Ticketmaster “convenience fee”), though he has no intention of repeating last year’s photogenic moment of disbelief.

Mbeh has spent countless hours staring blankly into the mirror, rehearsing his unperturbed visage (watching Roman Reigns promos to get in the mood).

“Even if something amazing happens, which I doubt, I’m totally going to no-sell it,” says Mbeh.

Members of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community are excited about the countless humorous memes that will follow after Mbeh delivers what is already being dubbed “The Mbeh Meh.”