shocked undertaker fan
Ellis Mbeh sneezes.

Ellis Mbeh, who gained notoriety among wrestling fans for his wide-eyed look of apparent shock when the Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania winning streak came to an end, admitted today that the cameras just captured him mid-sneeze.

Mbeh, who immediately became the poster boy for the widespread disbelief among wrestling fans after the Undertaker’s loss, says he is a chronic allergy sufferer whose hay fever was particularly bad in New Orleans this past spring.

WWE cameras, panning across the ringside audience when Brock Lesnar won the match, caught Mbeh in the “ah-ah-ahhh” portion of a particularly intense “achoo.”

“As soon as the camera panned away from me, I unleashed a whopper of a sneeze,” Mbeh told Kayfabe News in an exclusive interview. “I was sneezing like crazy all night.”

Mbeh says he is one of the few wrestling fans who actually predicted Lesnar would win the showdown, and he wasn’t surprised at all by the outcome.

“It was time for ‘Taker to pass the torch, and Lesnar was the only suitable conqueror, so it make perfect sense,” he said.

Added Mbeh:  “Achoo.”