Brogue Kick
Sheamus (left) confronts Zack Ryder about Ryder’s recently adopted “Brogueski Kick.”

Professional wrestling is embroiled in yet another legal battle, as Irish superstar Sheamus has launched a copyright infringement lawsuit against Zack Ryder over a move dubbed The Brogue-ski Kick.

“My client, Mr. Sheamus, is the originator and sole owner of the Brogue Kick, which Mr. Ryder has blatantly stolen,” said lawyer Peter Hurst in a written statement.

“Simply adding the suffix ‘ski’ does change the status of intellectual property.”

Ryder unveiled the Brogue-ski Kick, which he describes as a “completely new thing,” on WWE Raw last week.

Most wrestling experts agree that it bears a striking resemblance to Sheamus’ signature Brogue Kick — a jumping boot to the face — with the exception that Ryder hollers “woo woo woo” when he delivers it.

Although many legal analysts believe Sheamus will win the lawsuit, there is precedent to suggest otherwise.

The 1998 case of Michaels v. Foley ruled in favor of plaintiff Mich Foley, allowing him to continue using the controversial “Sweet Shin Music.”