Undertaker shane
Has Shane McMahon orchestrated his most ingenious swerve to date?

Wrestling fans were shocked to find out last week that WWE heir Shane McMahon will square off at WrestleMania against The Undertaker, and now only one big question remains: which Undertaker?

Speculation is afoot that the younger McMahon has outsmarted his father once again by booking himself in a match against the elusive second Undertaker.

The imposter Undertaker, portrayed by Brian Lee, unsuccessfully battled the real version of himself at 1994, resulting in a paltry 0-1 record that is far less daunting than the real Undertaker’s 22-1 WrestleMania record.

Shane is well-known for his ingenious behind-the-scenes machinations — such as his surreptitious purchase of WCW — and some pundits believe he has orchestrated a master-stroke by booking himself against Imposter Undertaker.

“My sources are confirming that Shane will defeat Imposter Undertaker thanks to outside interference from Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel,” writes veteran journalist Dave Meltzer. “And my sources are never wrong.”