shane and vince mcmahon
Shane McMahon (left) shocked the wrestling world by purchasing his father Vince’s former rival. Again.

Rumors have swirled for weeks that the proverbial “writing is on the wall” for the once-mighty All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and those rumors were confirmed in shocking fashion when Shane McMahon announced on live television that he has purchased the company.

Shane’s purchase of the company is a shocking betrayal of his father, WWE impresario Vince McMahon, who has been threatening for weeks to buy AEW from owner Tony Khan, and “fire” executives Cody Runnels, Kenneth O. Megha, and the Jackson brothers (Nick and Tito).

The elder McMahon was holding a press conference for the upcoming Super ShowDown in [REDACTED] when Shane appeared, via satellite, from a live AEW event, Triple or Nothing, in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Vince McMahon gulped theatrically when he saw Shane in the live broadcast from the AEW event, and was overcome with horror when Shane spoke:

“The name on the contract does say McMahon,” explained Shane. “However, the contract reads Shane McMahon. That’s right, I now own AEW. And dad, just as AEW kicked your ass in the past, it will again. That’s exactly what’s going to happen at Super ShowDown in [unintelligible mumbling].”

According to backstage sources within WWE, Shane McMahon’s purchase of AEW will lead to an “invasion” of WWE by former AEW talent including Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose), Pac (formerly X-Pac), and Dustin Rhodes (formerly Kane).

Although AEW was once the most popular company in pro wrestling, it eventually lost the so-called “Saturday Night Wars” when its ratings were overshadowed by its biggest competitor, online pornography.



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