With his professional wrestling career winding down, Shane Douglas has decided to revive his “Axl Rose” gimmick as frontman of popular ’80s hard rock outfit Guns N’ Roses.

Axl Rose now
Shane Douglas revives his former Axl Rose gimmick.

As the popularity of ECW reunion events like “Extreme Rising” has steadily declined, Douglas has been looking for a way to reinvent himself while remaining in the public eye.

The decision to resurrect his alter-ego Axl Rose — who lay dormant for two decades while Douglas pursued fame in ECW and WWE — seemed like a natural fit, given the wave of popular nostalgia for schlocky ’80s metal.

“I never thought I’d portray Axl again, after the whole Chinese Democracy thing,” said Douglas, referring to the long-delayed, problem-fraught 2008 album.

“But I think more people are interested in a haggard old rock pig than a haggard former ECW wrestler.”

None of Douglas’ former bandmates will rejoin Guns N’ Roses, but he confirms that Van Hammer will play lead guitar and Hulk Hogan will play bass (or at least claim to).

Douglas is hoping to co-promote a music-meets-wrestling event with WWE, in which he, as Axl Rose, can confront his long-lost brother, Adam Rose.