Shane Douglas invades
Shane Douglas shouts taunts from audience at WWE Raw, completely unheard over the noise of the crowd.

Former ECW star Shane Douglas recently staged an “invasion” of a local McDonald’s restaurant wearing a lucha libre mask, but failed to attract any attention.

Apparently trying to generate buzz for an independent wrestling show on which he will soon perform, Douglas has been “invading” a number of public places to little avail.

One patron at the McDonald’s was temporarily distracted from eating his Big Mac, thought he recognized Douglas, and remarked: “Hey, isn’t that Terry Taylor?”

Douglas’ most prominent (yet still largely ineffectual) invasion happened in the live audience at a recent WWE Raw event, when he removed his mask and inspired a half-dozen middle-aged men to listlessly chant “E-C-DUB” for a minute or so.

Douglas says he plans to soon invade a local supermarket and his dentist’s office before calling it a day and invading his own bed.