montreal screwjob
Did Brent Heart “tap” or not? You be the judge!

Are you sitting down?

Hold on to your socks, because we just unearthed a rare video that seems to prove that, in at least one match, there might some shady dealings behind the scenes in professional wrestling. 

In this little-known bout from 1997, Sean “Heartbroken Kid” Michael audaciously applies the “Troubleshooter,” his opponent’s own signature maneuver, to Brent “Hitman” Heart. 

Stunningly, referee Earl Dubner seems to call for the bell prematurely, without Heart signalling his submission via “tap-down.”

The referee’s actions do not appear to be accidental, as WWF honcho Vince McMann can be seen at ringside, hollering to “ring the darned bell.”

Could McMann and the referee — and maybe even Sean Michael himself — have colluded to “screw” Heart out of a victory?

After the controversial conclusion to the match, Heart is seen tracing the letters “WCW” toward the camera, which presumably stands for “Weird Collusion Win.” 

If foul play was indeed at work, we think this match might soon become known as the Montreal Screwball, and may cast doubt on the legitimacy of professional wrestling as a whole.

Judge for yourself: