Although World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) seemed to be making positive headway toward gender inclusivity with the all-women main event at WrestleMania this past spring, the company has fallen into old sexist habits with by booking a chauvinistic main event for SummerSlam.

The main event will be a showdown between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins — a pair of cisgender straight males who have grown up with white privilege and never had to struggle against adversity or discrimination in their lives.

These straight white males will compete for supremacy, as if they don’t have enough advantages already.

The match has been described as a “regressive patriarchy” and “offensive sausage party” by activists in a group called WWEquality, which advocates for “inclusion, diversity, equity, progression, inclusiquity, diversicity, progressivision in sports entertainment.”

“It seems the so-called Women’s Revolution in WWE is no match for Vince McMahon’s old boys club,” a spokesperson for the group told CNN. “It seems McMahon has fully adopted his buddy Donald Trump’s misogyny in his booking strategy.”

WWE has not commented publicly on the matter, though the company seems to have responded to criticism by suddenly adding Trish Stratus to the event.

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