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This scumbag says he’s only “mildly interested” in WWE Evolution.

In a brazen display of repugnant chauvinism, 29-year-old wrestling fan Todd Greene of Milwaukee expressed the abhorrent sentiment that, all things considered, he still has “a preference” for men’s matches over women’s.

“I mean, sure, Asuka is quite good, and I’m enjoying Ember Moon, but I just generally enjoy the men’s matches more,” oinked the sexist pig, showing his utter ignorance about the Women’s Revolution that has transformed WWE into an egalitarian utopia.

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Even more repulsive, Greene says he’s “not that excited” about the upcoming WWE Evolution pay-per-view, which is being rightly celebrated worldwide as a historic leap forward in gender equality.

Greene tried to defend his indefensible stance by saying he’s “happy that the women of WWE are getting more airtime,” but then dug himself an even deeper hole by saying men’s matches are “typically more believable, action-packed, and dramatic.”

Understandably, Greene has been attacked online for “hate speech,” especially after saying he thinks WWE “maybe made too big a deal” out of Renee Young joining the commentary team.




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