Sexism in pro wrestling
Critics of WWE suggest that these Divas were hired, in part, because they are physically attractive.

A new study released today by the Workplace Fairness Commission makes a startling accusation about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), suggesting that the company unfairly favors physically attractive women when hiring Divas.

The study, published in the Harvard Journal of Human Resources, concludes the sports-entertainment juggernaut discriminates against women who do not exemplify the typical standards of feminine beauty and/or coquettishness.

“The statistics show, on average, a much higher-than-average tendency for WWE Divas to have taut, muscular bodies, ample bosoms (often artificially enhanced), silky complexions, and legs that don’t quit,” says the study. “Wrestling ability¬†seems to be considered an asset, but not a requirement.”

The study was commissioned after a complaint from Gladys Menderchuck, a heavyset 44-year-old woman with eczema, claimed she was denied even an interview for the position of Diva within the company last year.

A spokesperson for WWE denied the claim, issuing the following statement this afternoon: “WWE Divas are hired based on solely professionalism, academic records, relevant work experience, and positive references. Physical appearance has nothing to do with our hiring practices.”

Sources within the company, however, reveal that company Chairman Vince McMahon has a stringent “no fat chicks” policy (a rule he broke once, resulting in some bad kharma).